Monday, May 13, 2013

A Ruth Perspective

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A Ruth Perspective 


Debra Courtney  


  • The power of Commitment and faithfulness. 
  •  God rewards faithfulness and sacrifice for others. 
  • Wise, godly choices put us in position for God to bless us. 
God is a God of purpose. We may not always understand His purpose, but we can be sure He definitely has one.  Something may initially look terrible to us, as Ruth’s situation must have looked to her, yet all the while God intended to show His glory by working something good from it.  

When unforeseen circumstance happen to us, we can take satisfaction in knowing that God promises to be with us in our time of need, trouble or difficult issues of life. He is always right on time. Even though we can’t see it in the natural, we can take comfort knowing He is working in the supernatural. Sometimes during our everyday life we have come upon too many paths with Christ at the crossroads of life. God rewards faithfulness and commitment to Him. Choosing comfort over commitment may not turn out to be the best that God has for us. God made special arrangement to bless Ruth. 

Bondage leads to bitterness. Naomi was bitter. She was in bondage to the pain, the disappointments and the difficulties of her circumstances. I can personally relate to Naomi.
 How does bitterness begin? As a root of resentment. Then it grows in to full blown anger and hatred and torment. Bitterness can result from the many minor offenses we won’t let go of. Our personalities, our attitudes, perspectives and behaviors become infected. If we will ask and allow God to help us and heal us, He will do it. Ruth’s kindness to Naomi opened the door for God to speak to Boaz, which in turn led Boaz to command his workers to leave handfuls of grain for Ruth, on purpose. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!!! Seasons come and go in our life.

It is hard to go through a new season when we are comfortable with the season we are in. However, God has a good plan and He knows the outcome from the beginning. The Bible teaches us that faith moves us to take God-inspired action. I am not talking about fleshly works, or fleshly zeal, but stepping out as God leads you. 

Ruth did not grow up with the Biblical principle to be kind and do good to others (especially widows James 1:27). God has called us to the ministry of out-reach, not in-reach. When we reach out to others God reaches into us and heals us.  He is the only one who can heal the broken and set the captive free. (Isaiah 61:1). We don’t know what God will birth in us and from us. However, He does have a plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11). How amazing it was that through Ruth’s’ bloodline Jesus Christ came to us.

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